If you’re reading this, Adam probably sent you a link. There’s not much here other than some technical waffle. I’d move on if I were you, no cat pictures to see here.

Oh, still reading, ok. Welcome to AppendixV, home of various random nonsense from me - most of it software related.

This site’s sole purpose is to give me a place to play with webby stuff and put it on a public web server. It’s unlikely to be a reliable server and very unlikely to be actually interesting to anyone other than me and a few friends.

There’s a blog of some kind referenced over there on the right -> or maybe underneath v if you’re on a small screen.

Most of those blog posts will be based on me poking at the internals of some bit of software which has either caught my interest or been causing me headaches. If any of the info saves you a headache, I’m a happy techie.

The site uses Bootstrap within Markdown for the main structure and styling. Hopefully the Boostrap glyphicons will work if I get the font linking working properly. yup, that works.