You’re looking at a small website running on a Pi Zero, on the wrong end of an ADSL connection. It is not speedy, it doesn’t expect to see buckets of traffic and it’s not trying to do anything clever on the server.

The main purpose is to give me a place to play with various webby type tools/frameworks/gadgets. The majority of the pages are currently being constructed with the Jekyll site generator on a separate box and published via Ansible to this server box.

Jekyll itself is written in Ruby, which is also new to me, so I’m also using it as an excuse to learn that. There’s likely to be some other tools & languages used for various bits and pieces, depending on what I feel like playing with at the time.

This also gives me an easy way to play with website and webapp dev tools, processes and workflows. So I can set up shell scripts, playbooks, etc and fiddle with the whole menagerie of weirdly named tools, maybe even documenting my thoughts about them. Stuff like:

  • Yeoman
  • bundle
  • Grunt & Gulp
  • Spark
  • DropWizard
  • Ansible & Salt
  • .. and whatever other cool stuff I find around the place


Apparently every website should have a privacy statement, this is mine.

Any cookies this site uses are purely simple session cookies for this domain. Feel free to block cookies if you like, use adblockers, or any other filters you feel might be necessary - it’s your browser, you make it work how you want. Also there’s no tracking, analytics, etc going on here. I don’t care what other sites you’ve been to, I’m not telling anyone else you’ve been here.

The web server does keep standard web logs, but that’s just so I can play with log analysis tools and check what potential bad traffic is hitting the server.

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